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Our programs are mission-minded and designed to maximize the success of every participant, volunteer, and mentor. To reach the most girls and young women and to make the largest impact, our programs will be structured into five pillars as follows:


Designed for girls still in school, this program will consist of after-school educational community experiences, field trips, workshops, and travel opportunities, in which participants are directly engaging with the world around them. The four primary categories of activities in this program are titled: 1) Culture/Balance, 2) Health & Fitness, 3) Education, and 4) Community Service.


Mentor-mentee relationships have been proven time after time extremely successful in building both confidence and competence for both parties involved. Women That Amaze will take the typical mentorship relationship and bring it into the 21st century by pairing local girls with influential women that amaze from around the globe using the latest technology to facilitate easy to manage, consistent, and impactful relationships.


Launched in early 2016, Women That Amaze’s Community Outreach program has already reached thousands of young women around the country through the posting of regular videos featuring women around the world and their inspiring stories. As Women That Amaze, Inc. continues to grow, the Community Outreach program will grow beyond video to include written content and in-person speaker series.


The cornerstone of Women That Amaze’s programs, the Emotional Empowerment program will focus on the intangible aspects of each woman’s growth and maturity – the YOU factor. Through in-depth workshops and retreats, young women enrolled in this program will work through a curriculum focused on self-discovery and emotional fitness.


Women That Amaze acknowledges that everyone can use a helping hand from time to time. This initiative will provide scholarship money for extracurricular and educational opportunities to eligible female applicants. Women That Amaze will also act as a facilitator of shadowing, internship, and apprenticeship experiences by connecting program participants with external members of the WTA network.

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